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What We Offer


At L1 Styles Barbershops, we offer much more than simple hairdressing or haircuts. Having worked with thousands of unique clients, our barbers know what it takes to meet your grooming needs.


Whether you're getting ready for a formal dinner or simply want to look your best at the home office, we've got your back. We maintain the highest standards of quality across all our services so your trust in us never breaks. 


There’s a lot you can choose from:​

  • Haircutting, styling, and washing

  • Wet shave & hot towel

  • Hot towel & facial treatment**

  • Beard trim and/or sculpt

  • Threading* 

  • Eyebrow shape and trimming*

  • Singeing Ear hair*

  • Nostril hair trimming*

*(complimentary to a haircut and wet shave)

**(complimentary to a wet shave only)

Please consult with your barber in store for additional information.

Barber Tools
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