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About Us

How it started?

Ever since I was a child, my mother has been my inspiration. She pushed me to do better and work hard. So, when I say that I wouldn’t be where I am today without her would be a massive understatement. When I was 12, I went to a local barbershop with my mum. Our hometown of Karakocan was a tightly-knit community, she asked the owner to teach me his skills. I still remember every smell and sight associated with that day. There was a flock of customers waiting to get their hair cut and their beards trimmed. The air was filled with Lemon Cologne mixed with the smell of shaving soap. This day marked all the moments that changed my life and, I'll always be grateful to my mother.


Road to Liverpool

Eager to learn all the tricks of the trade, I worked with a passion to outdo myself every day. My dedication was unwavering as I would shift between work and school regularly. In the beginning, I shaved my dad and his friends' beards. Eventually, I started cutting hair, threading, and singeing as well. After my mum's role, this apprenticeship equipped me with the experiences I proudly serve the people of Liverpool with today. I leaped faith right after graduating from high school and set up my shop in the town's square. Fortunately, it did so well that I moved to England and set up shop in Haringey, North London. This is where I could hone my skill set and learn the importance of sticking to high standards.


And the journey continues…

What once began as a mother’s vision to see her son succeed turned into a journey of remarkable experiences. Having a knack for the traditional barber style, I soon realized that London wasn’t my calling. So I began looking for a place that supported my vision, and fate brought me to Liverpool. Today, L1 Styles Barbershops leverage centuries-old traditions to offer the best services in town. These bespoke techniques from the past are instilled in every barber through modern training programs.

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